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Girl Power and the London Olympics

The Summer Olympics went out with a bang last night, capping off 17 days of thrilling sport. Were you watching? Zaggora was, and had a blast.


Jessie J may have channelled Freddie Mercury, but the Spice Girls channelling ‘90s ‘Girl Power’ whilst belting out their massive hits (just as catchy as ever!) was a fitting tone to close out an Olympic Games that highlighted so many achievements by women.



The way much of the media reports it, London was a Summer Games of Andy Murray, Mo Farah, Michael Phelps, and Usain Bolt, but the girl power on display was awesome too.



Nicola Adams did Great Britain proud by winning the first-ever gold medal in Olympic women’s boxing.


Zaggora Nicola Adams

Via DailyRecord.co.uk


Jessica Ennis delivered on all of the intense pressure to win and brought home gold in the women’s heptathlon.


Zaggora Ennis

Getty via Mirror.co.uk


Charlotte Dujardin wowed everyone with her elegant dressage and became only the fourth British woman to win double gold.


Zaggora dujardin

Via skysports.com


These women represent the diverse spirit of these Olympics and the increasing diversity of sport more generally. This year, 44% of the athletes competing were women, but you may be shocked to read (like we were) that at the 1996 Atlanta summer games that percentage was only 24%. That was just 16 years ago. The numbers are rising but we’ve still got a way to go!


Here’s to hoping that Rio 2016 will see even more girl power.


What was your favourite moment of London 2012?




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