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Designs are Coming In! Win a Pair of HotPants by Creating Yours Now

Zaggora’s “Design Your Own HotPants” Facebook app is here and thousands of new designers are already getting busy!


Zaggora flares

These Pow! Flares will give their designer’s workout some real oomph!


Since launching yesterday at lunch time, we’ve had an amazing;

•             11,500 people start to create designs

•             15,000 individual designs created


Zaggora bra

This designer could be a star in her Coola Bra!


It’s our best app launch ever!

The app is chock-full of prizes, awarding a free pair of HotPants every hour (at a maximum of one prize per participant). Just create your designs, then invite your friends to join your team and help perfect them. If your team’s design wins, each one of you gets a free pair.


Zaggora hotpants

Red-Hot HotPants


And don’t forget that every month Zaggora will be making the most-voted-on design to send to the designer, so be sure to ask friends and connections to vote for you. You could have your very own unique and custom-designed Zaggora gear!

So get designing now!


Zaggora top

Go Green with this top


See more designs on Zaggora’s dedicated Pinterest board.



You can also connect with Zaggora on Facebook, Google Plus and Twitter, and pin our photos on Pinterest. See you there!

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  1. It would be easier if when you went to vote on someones link, it actually took you TO their link instead of having to scroll thru these 11000 designs to find the person you’re voting for. There is a search button where it says “overall” or “your friends”, but it does not take you to your friends designs. :(

    • Hi Cheryl, thank you for your feedback. We’re working on this but in the meantime if you search by your friend’s name once in the app you should be able to find it more easily. Please try again tomorrow if not!

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