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Zaggora Motion Lotion Coming Soon! Want to Try It?

Motion Lotion will be here soon to keep your body moving!


Zaggora motion lotion



We’re ramping up for a busy season as our new upper body-wear and bodycare products land.


What especially thrills us about Motion Lotion, though, is that most women who have tried it so far have smoother skin after a few weeks. We’ll be sharing the results with you soon.


But we want to know what you think, too. That’s why we’re going to give away samples to our followers when we launch!


So watch for announcements very soon and tell us what you want a Zaggora lotion to do for you:


Smooth your skin?


Firm it?


Soften it?


Moisturise it?




You can also connect with Zaggora on Facebook, Google Plus and Twitter, and pin our photos on Pinterest. See you there!




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  2. Would LOVE to try it! I have been looking for the best of the best firming cream in the market for years!!

  3. would love to try it

  4. Sonja Curtis says:

    I want to try it!

  5. I would like to try it!

  6. I’d love to try it-I’d want it to smooth out stretch marks. :)

  7. sarah de sousa says:

    would love to try it loosing weight so some skin help would be nice

  8. Laura ann muldoon says:

    Would love to try this

  9. i would like to try it!

  10. Yes please I’d like to try it xx

  11. Wud love to try it please xx

  12. Smooth and Firm me Zaggora…and soften me definitely soften me @sineadwaugh

  13. Kathryn Calvert says:

    I would love to try it! My dream cream would reduce stretch marks and help cellulite to break down and vanish. I hope that’s not asking for too much? :)

  14. I really want to try it, I have very dry skin and some ups and downs, so please let me try it!

  15. Would love to try it ! Smooth and firm would be good for me.

  16. i would love to try it also,

  17. I would absolutely love to try it

  18. maria davison says:

    have very dry skin would like totry please

  19. Kimberley Yates says:

    Would Love to try it… Can never find a decnt skin product at times…!!! :o)

  20. I ll have some!!!! Please!!!! :-)

  21. Great idea……. Smooth and firm would be my goal :-)

  22. helen hookway says:

    i would love to try it ,xx

  23. Yvonne Wallace says:

    Really need to try this… Looking for a skin smoothing/ skin firming miracle lotion.

  24. I want to try pls

  25. Rosemary Ferguson says:

    Hi like every other woman on Earth I would like to try this !

  26. Kate Harper says:

    All of the above!

  27. i want to try it! i need something to firm up my arms and i just look silly wearing my pants that way

  28. Would love to try it out please thank you

  29. Yes please would really like to try it. I already have 2 pairs of the hotpants – original and now the capri pants. Thanks!

  30. Wow would be great

  31. oh how fantastic!! can’t wait to try it : )

  32. Really need to try this, pleeaasseeeeeee xxx

  33. If it firms and moisturises then it sounds brill

  34. Definately need it. After a large weight loss I’ve still got loose skin, even with gym and hot pants workout. Please let me have some….

  35. Marie BURBRIDGE says:

    Me me me!

  36. I would like to try this ,it sounds almost too good to be true,so as they say,the proof of the pie and all that….

  37. Tricia Butterworth says:

    Moisturising, smoothing and firming! Skin needs something special after this terriblel summer!

  38. I want to try!Double work for skin!

  39. I’ve tried loads of different one’s but never really see much results! Would love to give this ago at 41 year’s old could do with something to firm the skin up

  40. Sounds amazing! Yes please! X

  41. Patricia McDonagh says:

    I would love to try it!

  42. I would like to review your lotion for my skincare blog,

    I already own the viva hotpants and it would be interesting to see how the lotion works in conjunction with them.

  43. l would love to try it :D

  44. would love to try this

  45. Give me give me give me – PLEASE ;) I want to try some!!! Thank you in ADVANCE!

  46. would love to try it out!!!!! keep us posted on the product when it comes to market!

  47. Cathy Coleman says:

    Sounds like I need this!!

  48. Would love to try!

  49. I would love to try it!!!

  50. would love to try it….

  51. Love your pants, if this cream works too I be forever in your debt!!! Lemme give it a try =)

  52. Would love to try it please I would love for this old body to feel smooth and firm again

  53. Angela Hyman says:

    As an older gurl, I would like to try it for ALL of the mentioned effects! :)

  54. Georgetta Malcolm says:

    Would love to try this out

  55. gimme gimme gimme gimme ;)

  56. Love to try snd see if it firms tightenes and tones like the gel from itworks!! Please let me try!

  57. Please send me some to try. Love love the hot pants!

  58. Katie Willard says:

    I want to try this!!!

  59. Sheila Howell says:

    I would say a big yes to trying the lotion! Who wouldn’t want soft smooth skin. Send me some please!

  60. ME! ME! ME!

  61. I want to try it and will be smooth sailing from here —- ha ha ha!

  62. Would love to try this product, lost a lot of weight and would like to smooth out my skin and help with unsightly stretch marks x

  63. Lori Stptts says:

    Love to try it!!! I’d like smoother, more moisturizer, firmer skin.

  64. Sign me up! I’d LOVE to try it!!

  65. Yipee! If its as good as Zaggora pants there will be no disappointments!

  66. I’d love to try some. Sounds wonderful.

  67. i would love to try it…. does it do wonders like the pants?

  68. Would LOVE, LOVE, LOVE to try it!!!!!!!!!! :o)

  69. april gallegos says:

    I would love to try it!! I use claritins! Hope this is better! I love the pants!

  70. Lydia Lockhart says:

    Would love fewer wrinkles

  71. Would love to try it!!!!!!!!! I think it would be the perfect way to compliment my weightloss routine with my Hotpants ;)

  72. Definately want to try it,. Skin dry and thin.

  73. I want to try it! Been looking for smoother, firmer skin since my first kid… Three kids later and there’s only so much exercise can do for me! If this could help, I’d be a regular user and singing it’s praises! By the way, I wear my hot pants to work everyday and have gotten so many comments on them! So far 10 women I work with are ordering them too!

  74. jan jacquart says:

    Firm smooth skin is what I wish for!!! I would love to try the cream.

  75. would love to try it

  76. I can’t wait to try it!!!! Gonna be Another great Zaggora product!!

  77. Why not have it do all of the above? :) But if I have to pick one, it would be firm the skin.

  78. Hit me up a bottle…

  79. Want some lotion for MY motion!!

  80. i’d love to try it! i have very dry skin and it would be perfect for me!!!! =)))

  81. I would love to try it to make my skin silky smooth

  82. Smooth it please! You’re a magician if you can make the lumps and bumps go away!

  83. I’d love to test it out :)

  84. katie earle kelly says:

    would love to try this please!1

  85. iv not tried it yet but would love to x

  86. Allison marshall says:

    Would love to try it to see if it would improve my skin on arms, arms look fine in summer come winter they don’t x

  87. Darlene Jacques says:

    Yes I would love to try it.

  88. Chaleen bundfuss says:

    Would love to try it :)

  89. Would love to try this

  90. I’d like it to make my skin firmer and smoother…

  91. Susan hammock says:

    After living in Arizona dry heat for several years I would love to try this I haven’t found anything to make skin look and feel better

  92. I would really love to try this product, my skin needs a bit of love right now, Thank you

  93. Jacqueline shelby calton says:

    So love to see if this one really works. Fed up with paying a fortune, for creams that promise to work and don’t. Be nice to have a trial run first.

  94. yes please id love to try it :) x

  95. Would love to try excited !

  96. would love to try this product as i havent found the perfect product and am excited for this

  97. candace King says:

    I want to try it!

  98. id love to try your product

  99. I want some! I need some after weight loss and 3 kids!

  100. Cassie Valentine says:

    Would really like to try this,

  101. Adriana Macias says:

    Anuthing Zaggora I want to try it, pleaze! I’m a believer & I love Zaggora!

  102. If its a miracle cure for my spotty skin, id give it a try

  103. Would like to try

  104. I would absolutely love to try it

  105. Would love a firming cream that actually works. 5 years after a 75 pound weight loss, and at age 41 when things don’t bounce back the way they used to, sagging skin is now my biggest bane.

  106. Heather Dunn says:

    I would love to try it. Especially with winter coming smoothing and moisturizing would be perfect.

  107. i wanna try it!!!!!!! if its a cellulitis cure and a body shaper! i just had a baby

  108. I want the lotion ASAP need it stomach needs it!

  109. yes yes yes please…

  110. i would love to try this new lotion ,to get moisturised,fimer skin..thank you

  111. I would love to try that.

  112. would try. Something high in vitamin e for stretch marks. Also could try a “hot” lotion that works to sort out cellulite. Could also market a scrubbing “anti-cellulite” brush to use with the new developed shower gel/lotion to message out cellulite. So this could be the “hot” shower lotion, and then there could be a “cooling” one to put on before bed that helps with stretch marks and firmness.

  113. i have to werar a compresion sleeve as have lymphodemia and absolutly have to keep my skin soft so would love to try it and see if it will help .thankyou .

  114. claire hamilton says:

    firm it firm it!!!! :-))

  115. I’d love to try it, I’ve been looking for a great product like that!

  116. Everything

  117. Catherine Lahiff says:

    would to try it

  118. Love to give it a try

  119. How do you get a free sample??

  120. i won’t firmer skin so yes please

  121. Carole Webb says:

    I will try

  122. I’d love to try it!!

  123. Would really love to try it

  124. OMG – I would so love to try it – I have been looking for something to perk up my face and
    cheer me up since I turned 40 and this looks like it could do the trick !!

  125. I would love to try it.

  126. To smooth my face….I would <3 to try some of this lotion out Xx

  127. Jasmine Huancayo says:

    I Want to try it I’m from New York!

  128. Liz Roberts says:

    Yes, please!

  129. This sounds exciting , just of lately I have been deciding what cream I should buy to give my legs,thighs etc that glowing toned look. I am going to wait now to check this product out. Got my Christmas list ready and on it is a new pair of zaggorra hotpants love them, with their help, exercise and healthy eating I have lost 2 stone.

  130. Jackie Fitzhenry says:

    I have lost weight lately and would like to firm up so may I have a sample ?

  131. Want to lose more weight… but also need to firm upmy skin … so wouldlove to try some……couldI have a sample??

  132. Victoria Hauser says:

    I would love to try it – after having 5 kids and trying to exercise again – my skin needs every bit of help it can get!!!!

  133. Yes please! Had baby 2.5 weeks ago and my skin needs some serious motion lotion action!

  134. Please please share ;) need something to brighten me up !;)

  135. I would lov to try it,
    For smooth and toned skin.

  136. Barbara Barrett says:

    Would like to try it plz

  137. Firming definitely! Would love to try it.

  138. Zoe McCaffrey says:

    I would love to try it. Tries everything I can to try and firm my stomach since a hysterectomy and 3 children :(

  139. victoria hilton says:

    Firm up and feel good. I would be honoured to try this out

  140. I want to try it. I could do with a bit of help x

  141. I would love to try this product anything to smooth my problem skin !! :(( Please sign me up :)) Thanks x

  142. Jo willoughby says:

    Just had a baby and have dry skin so would love to try it please :-)

  143. I’d love to try this product & would like it to soften & moisturise my aging skin x

  144. Tracey Kirkton says:

    i would love to try this please

  145. I want it to do all of the above:-)above wood love to try it xx

  146. Roseann Howard says:

    Zaggora Motion Lotion let me try, if you don’t I may just cry.
    Smooth my skin nice & firm, on my face will be a grin :-)

  147. Try it…yes, please! Firm, luscious skin…yes, please!

  148. Monica naden says:

    Can I please try it:-)

  149. joan gordon says:

    ineed some

  150. Donna Leigh Newton says:

    I would love smoother and firmer skin, I’m getting older I do love to keep fit. But I need that something to improve my skin. I love the name is great ; )

  151. Mmm sounds good cant wait to try it

  152. I would love to try your product :-)

  153. Jennyffer Seabrook says:

    I would love to try it to firm and moisturize my skin :-)

  154. i would really like to give this a go…

  155. Fiona Cunningham says:

    I would love to try it also!

  156. I’d love to try it. I’d want a cream to smooth and firm x

  157. Pingback: Motion Lotion in Production!

  158. Id love to try it please :) x

  159. I’d love to try it and feel for myself the results, then I can pass on to all my family and friends how good it really is. X

  160. j aimerais essayer aussi !!!


  162. I wouldlike to try please :)

  163. Please let me try! x

  164. i have very dry skin love to gave it a go thanks

  165. Sign me up!! Would love to try the lotion!

  166. Christine Johnson says:

    Would like to try Zaggora lotion as my skin needs all reasons

  167. I want to try! Love Zamora :-)

  168. Michelle Murphy says:

    I would love to try this new lotion!

  169. MariLen Hernandez-Lesaca says:

    yes definitely want to try it!!!

  170. Yes please!!! :)

  171. Would love to try this – the other products are so innovative that I’m hoping this is too!

  172. firm me up and break down that cellulite and then smooth me out….. ;o)

  173. Claire Thornton says:

    all of the above. ..

  174. Lind Kastler says:

    LOVE to try it. I want for the firming and moisturing. SEND ME MINE ASAP

  175. I’m always looking for the latest products that help me on my quest to look as best a version of myself as possible! I’m looking for something to create a life long, love affair with now! And yes, it has to be said with all my friends round to mine for drinks all the time before we go out etc (hello recession!) i want the item to look good in there too!!

  176. lorraine heneghan says:

    I want to try it!!

  177. I would love to try it! :)

  178. I would love to try it ! Love Zaggora pants and marine that this product delivers what it says on a box.

  179. Claudia Gerard says:

    Definitely want to try it out!!

  180. Jackie Wishart says:

    I would love to try it as I think it would be a great compliment to all of the Zaggora body wear!

  181. i would like to try

  182. I woud love to try it!!!!!!

  183. I am in! Let me be your Guinea pig :)

  184. I

    would really like to give it a go!

  185. I would love to give it a go.

  186. I want it – hook a sister up!

  187. I would so love to try it.

  188. bridie maloney says:

    oooo yes please!!

  189. would love it to do all the above :))

  190. I’d love a sample!!

  191. THis has me written all over it please send samples to us!!

  192. will it really firm the loose bits??? if the answer id yes then I’m in the queue!!!!

  193. I’d love to try it primarily for firming, then moisturizing

  194. Is this a trick question? How do we volunteer?

    • Hi Elizabeth, not a trick question – we’ll have details on the giveaway for your chance to win very soon. In the meantime we’d love to hear what you want to get out of the product!

  195. I really want to try this together with my new zaggora capris!

  196. I need to try it…I have dry skin …I’m pretty soft but need some undimplin’….lol would be nice to try

  197. pls be the pioneer in producing lotion that targets arms specifically :) .Pioneer as in producing an arm lotion that actually works out:)

  198. Merilly Hughes says:

    Definetly would love to try Motion Lotion,…… get rid of some of my ocean,ie ripples,saggy,loose bits. lol.

  199. Sounds fab and looks great – can’t wait to try it ! x

  200. Me too….I’d love to try it!! Had my flares on all day yesterday and looking forward to having them on again today :-)

  201. I wanna try it!! Please let me!!!

  202. I’d love a sample! I can’t wait for your upper body wear either. Representing Zaggora all the way from the USA!

  203. I would love to try some! I just got my hotpants and flares yesterday…ready to get into shape and healthy!

  204. I would love to try it

  205. Would love to try it !!!!!

  206. Please let me try it to improve my skin tone and reduce sagging!! It would be a compliment and enhancement to my Zaggora Hot Pants!!!

  207. Janette Mayer says:

    I really would like to try it as with age my skin has become quite dry and dull, ugh, so bring on the Motion Lotion

  208. I would really like to try it too! I’d try anything to help this body out lol

  209. I want to try it! To firm my skin up! I love zaggora!

  210. Karen Pullen says:

    Want it to do all of the above! Will we be able to use it with the pants or will it stain them?

  211. Would love to try….. me me me

    • Merilly Hughes says:

      I am waiting …for this Wonderful product,This is NOT only for men.I am getting my hubby on it as well.Everybody Needs a Smooth Body.

  212. Would LOVE tto try it went from size 18-20 to 14-16 would like to go down 1 more size

  213. Judy Loveland says:

    I slather on different lotions everyday from top to bottom. I’m a willing participant to rock yours!

  214. I definitely want to try it! I’ve tried so many but haven’t found the perfect one. This could be it!

  215. Nancy Townsend says:

    Smooth and firm me please!!

  216. I would love to try it Please

  217. Lupe Behncke says:

    I would love to try it. Need to firm up my skin.

  218. send me a sample!!!!!!!!!PLEASE PLEASE

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