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A Zaggora Store Locator for You!

We get lots of questions about where you can buy Zaggora in stores.

All of our products are available at, but there are some specific stores and websites around the world where you can also shop a selection of them.

We’ve blogged before about special launches into stores, but we want to give them to you all in one place – a Zaggora store locator.

So below is our current list of stores where you can buy Zaggora!


Where we should be next? :)

zaggora store locator millie mackintosh

Join Millie Mackintosh and shop Zaggora in person at one of these locations!



1. Selfridges & Co

3rd Floor Denim Studio

400 Oxford Street

London W1A 1AB

What’s in stock: Hotwear


2. Kings Road Sporting Club

38-42 King’s Road

London SW3 4UD

What’s in stock: Hotwear and lifestyle



Premium beauty destination

What’s in stock: Hotwear



CALIFORNIA – San Clemente

Asana Fit

102 S. Ola Vista

(Between Del Mar & Granada)

San Clemente, CA 92672

What’s in stock: Hotwear




142 Linwood Plaza

Fort Lee, NJ 07024

What’s in stock: Hotwear, lifestyle and beauty


TEXAS – Austin


2805 Bee Caves Rd., #414

Austin, TX 78746

What’s in stock: Hotwear




The website of Spa emporium Bliss

What’s in stock: Hotwear and lifestyle



Megasite with all of your skin and beauty needs

What’s in stock: Beauty


More locations are coming soon, so stay tuned!


You can also connect with Zaggora on Facebook, Google Plus and Twitter, and pin our photos on Pinterest. See you there!


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  1. How about military BX/PX stores? We, military spouses and members enjoy working out and I feel it would be a hit. I live in NC and have Fort Bragg near. I have ordered my first pair and feel this can motivate others as well. Think about it. It’s an open market that might do quite well.

    • Samantha Hutchinson says:

      I highly agree. I would love to see these at the NEX here in Honolulu where I am based, and I think it’d be hard to keep them in stock. 80% of military members are huge on fitness and always looking for something to one up there workouts.

  2. Any plans for a store in Miami, FL? Sure do love my Zaggora Hot Pants …

  3. New York City, please!

  4. Juliette Lee says:

    Still no progress on plus sizes? Plus size women need assistance too!!

  5. Lyn gilmartin says:

    Vancouver, BC?. (Home of Lululemon?…)… You would do very well here!

  6. King of Prussia Mall in PA

  7. Maui Hawaii would be a great place for a store.

  8. What about macys in new york and also. Amazon


  10. A kansas City store would be great.

  11. In New Zealand and I will run it for you!

    I just love Zaggora and know there is a market here for it.

  12. Equinox gyms in NYC would be great as well

  13. Vancouver b.c.( we need one here for sure).

  14. Definitely Auckland New Zealand because the Americas Cup is coming back to New Zealand. Huge world wide exposure from down under!!

  15. Iowa? We seem to be forgotten out here in the Midwest.

  16. we need one in sandiego,california!!!

  17. Orlando, FL bought my first pair would like more conveniently at a store nearby ;-)

  18. Susan Sommer says:

    Are you planning tall sizes for the Flares 2.0? I am concerned if the knee jersey insert will be in my knee area on a regular large size. I am 5’10″, 155 lbs. Love your product!

  19. Id really like to have Zaggora pants in Vancouver BC Canada you neeed to come here! Please : )

  20. What about Canada, I’ll run it for u

  21. Why don’t you offer XL in the Coola bra? My girls need this, but also need XL! PLEASE!!!!!

  22. tried to place an order 5 times, over 5 days
    Out of Stock on nearly everything I wanted.
    I tried to order part of my wish list…
    Z Website wouldn’t allow me to input my zip code..
    took all other info but due to empty zip code box
    it wouldn’t continue…
    frustrated to say the least!

    • Hi Janie, our customer service team has been in touch with you over email so please reply to them and they’ll help you place your order. Thank you for your patience!

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